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Pearland Computer Repair

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About Our Computer Repair

If you have computer problems, whether it be your Desktop PC, or your Laptop or your Tablet. We probably have a solution for it. That is why we are the preferred computer repair store in Pearland and we don’t take that lightly. Please visit us and you will find out first hand how important you are to us the moment you walk in.

Following is a short list of what we do here at Pearland’s CompuNetTec Computer repair shop;

  • Regular Computer Maintenance
  • Installs of new operating system
  • Removal of malware, such as
    • Viruses
    • Adware
    • Spyware
    • Worms
    • and other forms of Malware
  • Replacement of necessary components, such as
    • Broken screens
    • Batteries
    • Keyboards
    • and other internal items
  • Computer Optimization
  • Computer Upgrades, including
    • Memory (RAM)
    • Hard Disk
    • Fan
    • Operation system
    • SATA to SSD
    • and other software and hardware upgrades