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If it’s in the market, we can fix it! So we fix every make and model of computer. Including desktop computers, Laptops, Notebooks & Netbooks. The makes we work with include but are not limited to  Apple’s MacBook, MackBook Pro, MackBook Air etc.,  Asus, Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Gateway, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, etc., etc., etc.

The speed of repair depends on several factors. If the problem is easy to fix, we will have you sit at the store while we fix it. But some things take 30 minutes, or an hour or even longer. Setting up Windows computer for the first time, or re-installing operating system after a clean swipe, can take several hours, even up to a day, because of  several 100 updates that need to take place before the computer can be deemed ready and up-to date! On the other hand, if your computer has hardware problem, where the part has to be ordered, then the time frame gets longer!

If you suspect your computer of having a virus, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the computer from the internet, so no further damage can be done. Secondly you will need to turn off the computer and bring it in so that we can help remove the intruder software before it goes too far. The more your computer operates while it has a virus, the more damaging it is to your computer AND increases your chances of your personal identity being stolen.

This question is normally asked by people who use their computer often. There are many answers and all are correct! But most common one is that the more you use your computer, the more you have tendency to connect several devices to it! Printers, Scanners, mobile Phones, Cameras etc., etc., etc. Every time you connect something, your computer adds a driver (software that makes attached hardware work withe the computer) for the device. Then you throw off old printer and get new printer without removing drivers of the old printer! Most of these things you attach tell the computer that they have priority, so when the computer starts, it needs to load their drivers. As a result your computer starts up with so many device software loaded in the memory and slows down regular operation. There are other reasons of course!

Unfortunately we are not doctor’s office. We do not charge per visit. As a matter of fact we offer FREE Diagnosis. Meaning we will check your computer/laptop or phone to find out if there’s something wrong. If there is, we will tell you what is wrong and you can choose to repair it with us or not. Cost is dependent on many factors including how much time it takes, whether it is hardware problem and parts need to be purchased or if they are available and so forth… but please look at our testimonies page and you will find out from our customers that we treat them well and give most competitive prices.

We do not sell brand new computers, however we do re-furbish and sell high quality computers! Sometimes our customers bring us their own laptops and computers that are fairly new and they sell them just because they are moving. Some times great computers are abandoned after several months when owners do not answer calls and there is no way to get the computers back to them, we have to clean them and sell them to cover the cost of repairs. Some times they call us and tell us to just sell the computer to cover the cost.