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Recovery Services

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Recovery Services

100% of data loss problems can be solved with proper data backup. Data backup means saving copies of your important files to a different hard drive or having software that will transfer it to an off-site data company. There are software programs to back up your data to an external hard drive and other programs to backup your data to a server on the Internet. A technician can install a program on your computer to back up your data in the background, without any interference or attention from you.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Hard disk data recovery is a complex process. There are many different ways to recover data depending on how it was lost, and they are not always successful. The best way to recover disk data is to prepare for loss by frequently backing up your data. 90% of hard disk data recovery is successful, however, there is always still a risk of non-recovery. There are two causes of data loss, software and hardware problems.

Software Data Recovery
Most data recovery is performed with special data recovery software tools that scan your hard drive for recoverable data. This is the best way to recover a lost or deleted document or a hard drive corrupted by a virus. Software data recovery is relatively inexpensive and usually effective. Most of the time, software data recovery tools can recover your data.

Hardware Data Recovery
A hard drive is made up of a number of magnetic disks rapidly spinning to access your data. If one of the moving parts in the drive fails, software programs cannot recover your data. The next available option is hardware data recovery. Your hard drive will be taken to a “clean room,” a dust-free room designed for computer repair. There, the hard drive will be opened, inspected and carefully cleaned. The drive will be reinitialized and your data will be recovered. The price for this is hard to determine, because it depends on the specific part in the hardware that failed. We offer a free estimate for data recovery, so you will never receive an unexpected amount from us. Hard Disk Data Recovery is only a secondary step to software disk data recovery. It is always recommended that you start with the software disk data recovery first.

Secure Erase Services
Identity theft is on the rise (click here for more information), but it can easily be prevented! We will securely erase your data so that no one will be able to recover any sensitive information from your hard drive, or other hardware where your data resides.

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